Meet Courtney!

Meet Courtney!

Hi there...just dropping in to say hello!  

My name is Courtney but I am also known as Coco or the “She - E - O” of One of a Find Charleston!  I answer to all of these names (as well as MOM) and I have been buying, sourcing and selling vintage furniture in Charleston, South Carolina for almost 6 years now.  

I grew up in Connecticut and ended up at the College of Charleston where I met my husband, Blake, during the very first week of school.  He fell madly in love with me and the rest is history..just kidding.  There were a few moves to different states and some crazy jobs in between, (I actually worked at a Chiropractor's office for one day where I had to apply electrodes to people's backsides.  I left at lunch and never went back lol) but we ended up settling in Charleston where we met and are raising 3 boys and a crazy dog that eats toilet paper so I always have to be on my toes:


Fun Facts About Me (because I’m sure you are dying to know) :

  1. I am terrible at math so it’s mind boggling that this business still exists...
  2. I hardly eat any vegetables or drink any water and I’m still alive..for now
  3. I am really good at Wheel of Fortune but would choke if I actually got on the show
  4. I studied Opera in High School and my go to karaoke song is “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease
  5. I hate doing laundry and cooking but all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a stay at home Mom and not work LOLOLOL

I am not an influencer and promise to never start an Instagram story with “Hey Guys” LOL.  The only thing I will ever “influence” you to do is buy beautiful vintage pieces or help you to convince your husband to approve! ;) 

Thanks so much for stopping please buy something!!

Xoxoxo, Courtney