Lacquer Quote for Client Owned Pieces

The day everyone has been waiting for is HERE!! 

We are now taking YOUR pieces into our shop for lacquer.. YAY!  We are so excited to offer this service and to see all the transformations that take place.

There are times where our production team is ahead of schedule or we have excess capacity in the lacquer shop. We are offering a waiting list for customer owned pieces to be lacquered in those openings of our production schedule.

In order to quote your piece please have the following information ready to share:
•Measurements (depth, height, width)
•Photographs - all angles (the more the better)..
If it has cabinets or any kind of interior space besides drawers please submit photos of the inside as well

•Any known issues or repairs needed (show close up photos please)

•Age of the piece

•Color and sheen you would prefer:
High Gloss ($$$) VS Satin ($$)
 Stock Color (included) VS Custom ($80 fee)
•Hardware Choice: leave as is, spray gold, leave off, lucite upgrade ($100)

*Any additional repairs, ugrades etc may affect the original quote. You will be notified if any additional costs may incur. 

After we receive all of the information about your piece we will email you a quote.
If you are interested in moving forward and being added to the wait list a $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to be added to the active waiting list. (This is to prove that all wait list customers are serious and allows us to give the best customer service to our paying customers)

Once you receive the deposit payment link, you will be added to the list. The waiting list is formed in order of deposit payments received, NOT the contact date.
Once we contact you to confirm that your turn is up on the wait list, you will have one week to deliver your piece to the lacquer studio. You must schedule a drop off date/time in advance. Failure to deliver your piece within the time frame will result in being bumped down the waiting list.
Our lacquer shop is located on Johns Island in Charleston, SC. At this time we do not offer a pick up and drop off service. You will be responsible for getting the piece to our shop and picking it up once complete.
Once your piece is completed, we will contact you to confirm that is ready. You will be responsible for picking up the piece within one week. Items not picked up within one week will incur a storage fee of $40 per week.
For a quote please email the requested information above to:
*please note there is no guaranteed lead time on these pieces. We do not recommend getting on the list if you are working with a specific timeframe or completion date