When purchasing certain vintage pieces from One of a Find, you may choose to add a lacquer finish for an additional charge. Lacquer is a multiple step process which leaves your piece with a beautiful high gloss finish!

Please remember that although the lacquer process includes sanding and prep work, etc, since these pieces are not new there may be areas with normal wear from age such as scratches, dings, etc that cannot be 100% covered with lacquer.


Unless noted in the Instagram post text, lacquer is never included in the price and is always an additional charge. The price of lacquer varies depending on size and condition of the piece. We will quote lacquer cost for your piece before payment, and all lacquer cost is due up front at time of purchase.


Above is the list of colors that we offer that are included in the price. You can also choose a custom color for an additional $80/gallon. We ask that you provide us with the paint name and code, and we recommend using a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color for the best match.


Lacquer generally takes around 14 weeks, and we will DM you or email you to let you know when your piece is ready for pick up.  YAY!!!


If you are shipping your piece after lacquer, it will go out on the next shipment to your zip code. 


*Please note: If you are picking up your lacquered piece after completion, we will hold the piece for a maximum of one week after we notify you that your piece is ready.  After a week, we will charge a $40 per week storage charge. We are unable to store lacquered pieces for longer as our warehouse and storage facilities are not climate controlled, and we are constantly moving furniture in, out, and around - we would hate for it to get damaged!!


Your piece will be dry and ready and hard to the touch at pick up however lacquer fully cures OVER TIME!  We know you are excited and want to put all the things on it but it’s best to let it sit and acclimate to your space and cure for a few weeks after receiving it or placing things on top.

It can take up to 90 DAYS for a piece to completely cure. Please be careful during this time frame.

If you plan to use your piece on a daily basis we recommend getting a glass top with disc wafers in between cut for your piece.. especially if it will be in a high traffic area. Use felt pads underneath light lamps and accessories or you risk causing indentions, marks and scratches in the top.

You may wipe down your lacquered piece with water and a soft cloth to maintain its beauty. DO NOT use harsh solvents or cleaning products as this may damage the finish.  Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading or yellowing over time.

 *A small touch up paint bottle will be provided with each lacquered piece.