Our Story: How it all Began...


After growing restless and bored with the furniture we had in our house since before we were married I was craving a new look! Unfortunately, with 3 kids to feed it just wasn't in the budget to buy all new furniture at that point in our life. I needed to make some side money to do some re-decorating but needed to hide my spending from my husband.


Sooooo....I slowly started selling the furniture in my house one piece at a time when he traveled for work and used the money I made to replace them with vintage pieces that I loved.  Over time, I got better and better at buying and selling..at one point he even came home from a business trip and I had swapped out and flipped every piece of furniture in our living room!   After awhile he stopped asking and I started figuring out other people liked the same pieces I did too.. so even though I didn't really need anything else I kept buying and selling pieces I found on local sites just for fun. 

It eventually got to the point where I had to come clean.  On a long road trip I mustered up the courage to break it to my husband that I had a pile of money under the mattress and no idea what to do with it.  After a long silent pause he said: “Courtney...you started a business.”  Ha Ha!! 


Flash forward to almost 6 years later and I am still buying and selling pieces that I love!  I have expanded the business to add larger pieces and occasionally I like to sprinkle in some different styles like Traditional and Mid Century Modern too. When we started taking pictures at the warehouse, we spent the time to style the photos with accessories, rugs and art to show people how easily they can mix vintage pieces with modern decor.  It has been a fun addition to offer a mix of new and vintage accessories to style your One of a Find piece that customers can shop from the photos!

Last but not least, we decided to add a lacquer service option for our furniture pieces to help breathe fresh air into them and keep them current with today's trends.  The brighter and glossier the better!

Hope you didn’t find that story boring...because it's TRUE!